Door opening already from 50€

Opening-up service: 24/7: around the clock and always only short waiting times in 1020 Vienna

We have already opened countless doors and are happy to help you at any time if you are locked out: Around the clock, 24/7, we are available for you in 1020 Vienna and will be with you quickly.

It's annoying enough if the door is closed, the key is stuck inside or you have forgotten the key in the home. Anyone standing in front of a locked door wants quick help and short waiting times: That's what we offer as an opening service in Leopoldstadt!

Transparent and reasonable prices in 1020 Vienna

Thanks to years of experience and countless doors opened, we have sound know-how and know how to open your door - no matter what the situation. Nevertheless, we offer this service at very reasonable costs: We open closed or locked doors in Leopoldstadt for as little as € 50,-. After a short waiting period, we will be with you quickly and analyse the condition. Afterwards we will give you a cost estimate - this remains fixed and does not change. Our prices are transparent and serious: Do not be tempted by cheap offers when opening doors, but trust an expert. Otherwise, you will have to pay expensive flat rates and end up paying more.

Carefree all-round service from professional opening service

We save you any further trouble: a locked door costs enough nerves. We are quickly on site, you have short waiting times. We are available around the clock and help you from early in the morning until the middle of the night. In principle we can open closed doors very quickly and we do this at reasonable and transparent prices. Our service therefore does not only include the opening of doors, but we offer a worry-free package. During the opening we take special care not to cause any additional damage, so that you save yourself any further worries.

✔ Readiness at time, day and night. 365 days a year.
✔ Fastest arrival with you in 1020 Vienna
✔ Honest prices, fair and transparent, no hidden fees
✔ Professional, friendly and cultivated service in every emergency
✔ Expertise for EVERY lock situation
✔ Installation of new locks: beam locks, security locks, locking systems
✔ Non-binding advice on the latest and most modern safety technology available on the market
✔ Key service with express service
✔ Door opening without damage