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It can happen very quickly. The door closes from the outside and the key is not available at the moment, because it is inside the house and has not been carried along. Quick help is needed here. The key service Schlüsseldoc in Vienna offers a 24 hour key emergency service and is known throughout the region for its serious and solid working methods. Doors are opened very carefully and quickly. If possible, the door cylinder should be preserved and not destroyed. For the unlocking service this is usually not a problem if the door is simply closed.

The situation is somewhat different if the door has already been locked and the key is not handy. Also in this case, the unlocking service will attach great importance to opening the door as gently and with as little material as possible. If the cylinder has to be replaced or if further measures are required to open the door, these tasks will be carried out by the unlocking service. No additional costs are incurred as a result.

Locksmith for private and commercial use

The 24-hour key emergency service can be used by both private individuals and businesses. This applies regardless of whether a front door or an apartment door, a main entrance or a side entrance is to be opened. In any case quick action is necessary. The customers can rely on the fact that the employees of Key Service are on site within a very short time. The catchment area of the 24-hour key emergency service covers the entire Vienna region and includes not only the city but also the immediate surroundings.

The nature of the locks and doors to be opened by the unlocking service varies greatly. For this reason, the employees of the locksmith service must be able to react flexibly and be prepared for all eventualities. It must be possible to open the doors at any time of the day or night.

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