The 30 minute guarantee

You don't want to stand outside your locked door for hours. Especially in the cold season this is more than unpleasant, because the temperatures fall more and more and even in the staircase you shiver. If you wait a long time for the locksmith, this can even have health consequences. We want to avoid this by offering a 30-minute guarantee. You have heard correctly, because speed is our greatest asset. We don't want to keep you waiting for long, but immediately after your call we'll be on our way. We guarantee that we will be with you in 30 minutes at the latest. So you don't have to freeze for a long time in front of your door or even ring the doorbell of your neighbours, so that you don't stand in the cold, but wait a quick 30 minutes. We have already arrived and will take care of your problem. A small fact in passing: our average waiting time is just 24 minutes. So we try to be there much faster and do not take our time on the street.

Our guarantee applies here

Actually you just want to open your door quickly, but you are too enthusiastic. So it happens that the key breaks in the middle of the lock.

What can you do now? Don't panic, because we at Schlüsseldoc are always available for you. As a key emergency service, we make sure that every door, no matter how stubborn, can be opened soon. What sets us apart from the competition?

We offer a 30-minute guarantee, which is valid at any time, as long as you contact us and we have agreed to it by telephone.

24h key emergency service in action for you

Our 30-minute guarantee applies, but sometimes circumstances can make it impossible for us to meet our time limit. For example, we catch every red light on the way to you or we get stuck in a traffic jam. So it can always happen that despite our best efforts we are not there after 30 minutes. But that is far from being a reason for us not to be a company that keeps its word.


If we still have not arrived after 30 minutes, you will receive a discount of five euros as compensation. This applies from the 31st minute. Our compensation is not only an apology to all our customers who hoped for a service exactly after 30 minutes, but also an incentive for us to keep to this time. But as already mentioned, our average time is 24 minutes. This not only saves you five euros, but also a lot of stress and trouble.

At least you don't have to try to open your door yourself with any measures.

As a key emergency service we are not only available at conventional times, but our service knows no limits. So if you call us at any time, we will get going immediately. This also applies in the middle of the night. After all, you might have lost your key after a fun night out with friends, or in your tiredness after a hard day's work, your key might break off. The time of day does not matter if you use Schlüsseldoc. Also now we offer our 30-minute guarantee. We set off immediately and are with you even in the deepest night after 30 minutes. The situation is similar on weekends, because a lost, broken or misplaced key knows no weekdays. It can happen at any time that you cannot get into your own home, even on the weekend. Now we are also with you after 30 minutes. Not to forget holidays. Many key emergency services exclude them from their services, because on holidays you just want to relax and spend time with your family. But at Schlüsseldoc you can also call us on holidays if you are locked out. Don't delay the call, because the faster you call us, the faster we will be with you. Of course, we also guarantee a call after 30 minutes.

Call us now!

Therefore do not wait any longer and call us directly. It does not matter why you do not come to your own home anymore. After a guaranteed 30 minutes we will be at your place and take a close look at the problem on site. We needed longer than 30 minutes? Now you get a discount of five euros to prevent this from happening to us again. So call us and take advantage of our professional, competent and fast service!