Would you like to have a beam lock installed for more security? Here it is important to protect yourself especially against burglary. Every conceivable access represents a weak point that must be secured at all costs. No matter whether it is a window, garage door, front door, patio door, doorway, arbour, attic or a cellar door, everything is best secured by a beam lock or a bar lock.

Beam locks for your door security

The apartment door is the first point of attack for a potential burglar. In addition, one should not assume that burglary attempts only take place when nobody is at home. Because unfortunately this is no longer the case.
Additional insurance therefore protects not only your personal values and privacy, but also your life under certain circumstances.
Without a multiple locking system, your door will be opened by burglars in the shortest possible time, almost silently. According to the police report, apartments are selected by the perpetrators specifically according to whether you have additional security or not.

Beam lock without misgivings

A beam lock is demonstrably the best means of securing your door against burglary. It supports the door from the inside over its entire height and makes it more difficult for a burglar to push in and pry open the door. Beam locks and bar locks are available in 2 and 3-point security versions. Depending on how many security points it has, the lock closes the door at the top and bottom or additionally at the side.
Such a multiple bolt lock can also be integrated into the door leaf as a so-called entrance lock. So to secure a door optimally, you can sometimes reinforce the door with a 1.5 mm thick steel plate.
The ideal beam lock for your needs also depends on the existing door. Is it an old building or a new building door, with or without rebate, single or multiple leaf? DIN left or right stop? These things play a role for the installation.