Change of Palace Vienna

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from €99
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The affordable door lock system with 3 keys. The basic cylinder offers simple security at a reasonable price.

Ideal for garden doors, cellar doors, passage doors, room doors, construction sites, etc.

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from €195 €245
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

Our bestseller!

The middle class offers picking and
Manipulation resistance
and a drill protection.
This system also contains 3 keys.

Ideal for singles, WG's, small families and much more.

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from €290 €340
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The VIP security lock covers the highest security requirements. It has core pulling protection, impact protection, pick protection, copy protection, drilling protection, SKG certification and a danger function. The system contains 5 robust keys.
Ideal for security doors, terraced houses, detached houses and all those who want to make their door as secure as a safe.

Whether planned or an emergency measure: if the lock needs to be changed, you have to act quickly, because your safety is at stake. We are in your immediate vicinity and are experts in changing locks. From as little as €99 we change locks and locking systems quickly and reliably.

Professional, fast & cheap

Lost your key, locking cylinder defective or too old? Our key service - Schlüsseleldoc from Vienna is the answer to all these questions. For individual door locks as well as for locking systems, we are your competent partner for lock replacement.

Ask us if a lock change is due because the lock is defective or no longer secure enough, or because you have lost your key. Even if you want to replace individual locks with locking systems, our expert team is ready to assist you from the planning stage right through to changing the door lock.

☑ Immediate exchange of castles in Vienna & surroundings
☑ Door lock change at a fixed price, no hidden costs
☑ Lock replacement for individual lock cylinders and locking systems
☑ No calculation of travel costs in the catchment area
☑ Door lock change also at night and on public holidays

Vienna and surroundings: At your place

We have been active in Vienna for decades: Satisfied customers who feel well advised and safe are our goal. We provide comprehensive advice, analyse the lock and show you the best solution proposals for your door lock. When it comes to your security, only trust the professionals. We change your lock quickly and highly professionally.

Save money when exchanging locks with our specialist company

A lock change can be planned or become necessary as an emergency measure. In both cases, competent advice helps to avoid unnecessary Costs to avoid. Especially when not just a single door lock but entire locking systems are affected. Especially in Emergencies this aspect is often neglected. A quick solution must be found so that security can be guaranteed again. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look even when time is short. We offer you a professional locksmith service with transparent Prices and conditions.

Hekeep the high quality results you deserve at an affordable price. Our team of professionals brings its know-how and experience to every job. However, what sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and flexibility towards our clients.

The technology never stands still, not even with the door lock. Unfortunately, this also benefits those who want to gain unauthorized access. For this reason, it is recommended that older locks and locking systems are checked for an adequate security level. We will tell you which security requirements your old locking cylinders still meet. We will show you what possibilities a lock replacement offers you to increase your security standards. This consultation by our experienced and expert team, to clarify the need for action, is non-binding and free of charge for you. Therefore you take no risk and are doubly safe when you ask us about a planned or unexpectedly necessary lock change. In addition to changing door locks, we also offer other services that are part of our locksmith business. For example, if you are unable to open your door lock, you can trust our quick unlocking service. Discover our high performance service and contact us if you are looking for sound information or a competent service provider for changing your door lock.our key service - Schlüsseldoc is your expert helper when changing your lock, no matter whether it is planned or has become necessary due to loss of keys, a defective lock cylinder or any other event. We change a single door lock just as expertly as complete locking systems. Our competent and helpful team will advise you on all aspects of domestic security technology. Use our friendly hotline for more detailed information and call us if you are planning a lock replacement or if a door lock change is necessary due to an emergency.

Change of door locks in Vienna

Our employees will present all security classes of locking cylinders to you on site, you decide which one will be installed at the end.
A small note: With our cylinders the installation is already included in the price!

24h door lock change in Vienna

Is your door lock defective?
Is your door lock getting old?
Is your key stuck in the lock?
Or do you simply no longer feel safe enough in our beautiful Vienna?

Security cylinder

We have the solution for your problem. With a security cylinder from Schlüsseldoc, your subjective feeling of security will improve by a world's measure. Trust in our know-how and let us advise you FREE OF CHARGE.

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