Change of Palace 1040 Vienna

Lock change packages

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from €99
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The affordable door lock system with 3 keys. The basic cylinder offers simple security at a reasonable price.

Ideal for garden doors, cellar doors, passage doors, room doors, construction sites, etc.

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from €195 €245
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

Our bestseller!

The middle class offers picking and
Manipulation resistance
and a drill protection.
This system also contains 3 keys.

Ideal for singles, WG's, small families and much more.

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from €290 €340
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The VIP security lock covers the highest security requirements. It has core pulling protection, impact protection, pick protection, copy protection, drilling protection, SKG certification and a danger function. The system contains 5 robust keys.
Ideal for security doors, terraced houses, detached houses and all those who want to make their door as secure as a safe.

Changing the castle in 1040 Vienna: competent service for Wieden

There are few things that are as important for our security as a functioning door lock. If you have any doubts about the security of your lock, we at Schlüsseldoc are the experts who can make an exchange professional, discreet and affordable for you. Our serious experts offer you proven experience - and the commitment to be there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

For locks of all kinds

Our professionals can not only carry out the classic door lock change in your district of Vienna 1040. We can also replace bar locks and cylinder locks, mailbox locks and security locks in a cost-effective and secure way. The expertise and experience from countless lock changes guarantees you a comfortable exchange in no time.

New door lock required? You urgently want to change your door lock? We are here for you!

Your safety is important to us

Key broken? Key just goes crazy in the lock? Key cannot be turned because it is stuck in the lock? Or the lock itself is broken? We have the right solution for every challenge. We are experts in lock mechanics and locking cylinders and are your contact persons for the exchange of locks Wien 1040 at a favourable price-performance ratio. 

Demand-oriented lock change in Wieden

Our locksmith service can replace a single lock, replace it with a security lock or professionally optimise locking systems. We carry this out in a planned manner (i.e. with an appointment) or as an emergency measure around the clock. We urgently advise against carrying out own tests on the lock, as this could negatively influence the effort for our experts. We can often change a door lock for as little as 99 euros without scratching the door frame. 

Consulting is the be-all and end-all

As security experts, we are the serious contacts with whom you can discuss the sensitive subject of locks for private homes and companies in detail. We will be happy to check your current protection and make concrete suggestions if there is a need for action. We will explain the differences between individual locks and their advantages and disadvantages.

Prices: fair and transparent

Our pricing is always transparent and based on fixed prices. We will inform you of these at the beginning of our activities. Hidden additional costs are never added. We are a trustworthy company that works seriously, discreetly and also fairly priced. In the catchment area of Wieden there are not even travel expenses.

More information?

Our locksmith for 1040 Vienna (Wieden) is there for you whenever you hire us. Even with extraordinary challenges we have the right answer, giving you individual protection for high demands. Our hotline will be happy to give you further information. It is also there to make an appointment - regardless of whether it is a planned or unexpected lock change. 

Our advantages in a compact overview:

☑ Professional Castle Exchange in 1040 Vienna and surroundings
☑ Lock change at a fixed price without hidden costs
☑ Flexible door lock change (locking cylinder and locking systems)
☑ No travel cost calculation in the catchment area of 1040 Vienna (Wieden)
☑ Lock change around the clock
☑ High-quality advice