Change of castle 1140 Vienna

Lock change packages

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from €99
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The affordable door lock system with 3 keys. The basic cylinder offers simple security at a reasonable price.

Ideal for garden doors, cellar doors, passage doors, room doors, construction sites, etc.

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from €195 €245
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

Our bestseller!

The middle class offers picking and
Manipulation resistance
and a drill protection.
This system also contains 3 keys.

Ideal for singles, WG's, small families and much more.

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from €290 €340
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The VIP security lock covers the highest security requirements. It has core pulling protection, impact protection, pick protection, copy protection, drilling protection, SKG certification and a danger function. The system contains 5 robust keys.
Ideal for security doors, terraced houses, detached houses and all those who want to make their door as secure as a safe.

Order a change of castle in Vienna 1140

The key has broken off in the lock or the key is spinning and therefore you cannot open the door to your apartment? Anyone who has ever been in this situation knows how unpleasant it can be not to be able to get into your own rooms at night or on weekends. In this and other mishaps like the situation that the key is stuck and cannot be turned, you should call your locksmith in Vienna 1140. 

Order a repair of the lock or a lock change from the service provider now

If you are planning to change a lock or need help with the door locks of your apartment or house, you should not hesitate to contact us immediately. Therefore, it is best to contact us immediately so that we can arrange a change of lock or something else for you in Vienna 1140 or another region of the city. You are welcome to call us first if you have any questions.

Which services you can expect from your key service provider

If one of the mishaps mentioned above has happened to you or if you or a member of your family has even lost a key, it is best to call us immediately. By the way, you can also reach us at night, on weekends or on holidays, because it is precisely at these times that mishaps occur most frequently. As a key service provider in Vienna 1140, we always have an emergency service on standby, which will then make its way to you immediately. In addition to the address, you yourself should also have the type of door ready, if you know it. Then our service staff can immediately pack the appropriate tools and the repair or assembly is much faster. By the way, if you arrive at the weekend or at other times, you pay only a little more than during the regular opening hours of our company. A lost or broken key is annoying enough as it is, we don't want to burden you with the high costs of travel and installation as locksmith 1140.



The lock changing professionals

We are a registered craftsman's business with already longstanding tradition and experience. We are primarily on the road for you in Vienna and the surrounding area, a circumstance that allows us to be with you quickly if you should be locked out and a door lock change becomes necessary. Our many loyal customers are very satisfied with our services and would book with us again at any time.

From as little as €99 we carry out lock changes quickly, seriously and to your complete satisfaction. Our service includes:

☑ Immediate exchange of palaces in 1110 Vienna & surroundings
☑ Door lock change at a fixed price, no hidden costs
☑ Lock replacement for individual locking cylinders and locking systems
☑ No calculation of travel costs in the catchment area
☑ Door lock change also at night and on public holidays
☑ Independent and expert advice, also in emergencies