Change of castle 1010 Vienna

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from €99
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The affordable door lock system with 3 keys. The basic cylinder offers simple security at a reasonable price.

Ideal for garden doors, cellar doors, passage doors, room doors, construction sites, etc.

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from €195 €245
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

Our bestseller!

The middle class offers picking and
Manipulation resistance
and a drill protection.
This system also contains 3 keys.

Ideal for singles, WG's, small families and much more.

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from €290 €340
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The VIP security lock covers the highest security requirements. It has core pulling protection, impact protection, pick protection, copy protection, drilling protection, SKG certification and a danger function. The system contains 5 robust keys.
Ideal for security doors, terraced houses, detached houses and all those who want to make their door as secure as a safe.

Lock change packages

Order now for change of castle in Vienna 1010

Thanks to many years of experience and countless changed locks, we are your lock changing expert in Vienna. No matter if bar lock, cylinder lock, the mailbox lock etc. - we change quickly and reliably.


Changing a door lock can be necessary for various reasons. Have you broken the key in the lock or is it going crazy or does the key not turn at all? Then, as a rule, opening the door alone is not enough. Especially for older locks in houses, apartments and commercial premises in 1010 Vienna, we recommend a subsequent change of lock. 


Low prices for your security - fixed prices for maximum transparency


In numerous documentations you can see the difference that can arise between the statement and the invoice of a locksmith. But what you see there concerns only the black sheep in our industry. A reputable key service provider like us offers you the lock change including work performance, door lock and travel to the location at a fixed price. You can choose between three different service packages and in this way decide for maximum security according to your requirements and budget. You can get the cheapest exchange including door lock from us in 1010 Vienna from 99 EUR. Our bestseller, the premium version is available for 195 EUR and we offer a VIP security lock including full service for 245 EUR. 


Many years of experience and short-term deadlines


Within the scope of our services as an unlocking service, we are there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even when changing locks, you can rely on short-term appointments and the avoidance of unnecessary waiting times in 1010 Vienna. If you order the lock exchange as a necessary service after a door opening, we will carry it out immediately afterwards. If your lock is defective and you want to avoid risks such as a locked door or a broken key, contact us and arrange an immediate appointment. Due to our catchment area in the listed postal code area, we can reach you without a long journey. Do not hesitate to choose a serious and inexpensive key service provider like us. Only a perfectly functioning door lock provides the important security in your own four walls and in the trade. In case of the smallest problems you should therefore act immediately and get security at transparent and also secure conditions with our offers.


Fast solutions with competence

Our locksmith service exchanges complex locking systems in addition to individual door locks. Usually a problem is only noticed when the wear and tear of individual or several locks becomes apparent through a noticeable defect in the lock mechanics. If the lock is faulty, we use a high-quality security lock without any ifs and buts and offer you competent solutions. We are a contact partner with many years of experience not only in replacement but also in repair. In the long run, a non-functioning door lock in 1010 Vienna usually results in a necessary lock change. Let our experts advise you and decide for the safe side. Reliable, on schedule and at a reasonable price, we are your contact and service provider in all lock matters and in the serious unlocking service.


Lock changing pro: Unbeatable prices, top service in 1010 Vienna

We can change your lock for as little as €99. Our service is comprehensive, we advise you and base our recommendations on the conditions of your lock. We offer:

☑ Immediate replacement of the castle in 1010 Vienna & surroundings
☑ Door lock change at a fixed price, no hidden costs
☑ Lock replacement for individual locking cylinders and locking systems
☑ No calculation of travel costs in the catchment area
☑ Door lock change also at night and on public holidays
☑ Independent and expert advice, also in emergencies

New door lock required? You urgently want to change your door lock? We are in 1010 Vienna and also in 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050 1060, 1070, 1080, 1090, 1100, 1110, 1120, 1130, 1140, 1150, 1160, 1170, 1180, 1190, 12001210, 1220 and 1230 Vienna.