Lock change 1020

Lock change packages

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from €99
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The affordable door lock system with 3 keys. The basic cylinder offers simple security at a reasonable price.

Ideal for garden doors, cellar doors, passage doors, room doors, construction sites, etc.

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from €195 €245
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

Our bestseller!

The middle class offers picking and
Manipulation resistance
and a drill protection.
This system also contains 3 keys.

Ideal for singles, WG's, small families and much more.

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from €290 €340
(standard dimension 30/30mm)

incl. arrival, departure & assembly

The VIP security lock covers the highest security requirements. It has core pulling protection, impact protection, pick protection, copy protection, drilling protection, SKG certification and a danger function. The system contains 5 robust keys.
Ideal for security doors, terraced houses, detached houses and all those who want to make their door as secure as a safe.

1020 in Vienna: change door lock - 24/7, 365 days, short waiting times

Your security is most important: This includes having a secure lock that closes reliably. It can happen very quickly that a lock breaks, is worn out or no longer functions properly. Don't hesitate at this moment, but call a reputable key service that can be on site quickly. In 1020 Leopoldstadt we can be with you quickly - so there is hardly any waiting time. We are available for you 24/7 - around the clock - all year round - 365 days. Because it is important that help comes quickly when you need it urgently!

Costs of changing the castle in 1020 Leopoldstadt: Favourable and transparent prices

A lock change can be planned or become necessary as an emergency measure. In both cases, competent advice helps to avoid unnecessary Costs to avoid. Especially when not just a single door lock but entire locking systems are affected. Especially in Emergencies this aspect is often neglected. A quick solution must be found so that security can be guaranteed again. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look even when time is short. We offer you a professional locksmith service in 1020 Vienna with transparent Prices and conditions - We can change or repair your lock at reasonable prices.

New door lock required? You urgently want to change your door lock? We are here for you!

Serious lock mechanics for locking systems in Leopoldstadt: Your professional in 1020

You want a new door lock and are spoilt for choice? You wonder which lock is the right one? We can give you serious and comprehensive advice here. We measure the door lock correctly and recommend the best locks for your locking system.

Get the high quality results you deserve at an affordable price. Our team of professionals in Leopoldstadt, in 1020 Vienna, brings its know-how and experience to every assignment. However, what sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and flexibility towards our clients.

Our key service - Schlüsseleldoc is your expert helper when changing locks, no matter whether it is planned or has become necessary due to loss of keys, a defective lock cylinder or any other event. We replace a single door lock just as expertly as complete locking systems. Our competent and helpful team in 1020 Leopoldstadt in Vienna will advise you on all aspects of domestic security technology. Use our friendly hotline for more detailed information and call us if you are planning a lock replacement or if a door lock change is necessary due to an emergency.

New door lock required? You urgently want to change your door lock? We are here for you!

Lock changing pro: Unbeatable prices, top service in 1020 Vienna

We can change your lock for as little as €99. Our service is comprehensive, we advise you and base our recommendations on the conditions of your lock. We offer:

☑ Immediate replacement of the castle in 1020 Vienna & surroundings
☑ Door lock change at a fixed price, no hidden costs
☑ Lock replacement for individual locking cylinders and locking systems
☑ No calculation of travel costs in the catchment area
☑ Door lock change also at night and on public holidays
☑ Independent and expert advice, also in emergencies

New door lock required? You urgently want to change your door lock? We are in 1020 Vienna and also in 1010, 1030, 1040, 10501060, 1070, 1080, 1090, 1100, 1110, 1120, 1130, 1140, 1150, 1160, 1170, 1180, 1190, 12001210, 1220 and 1230 Vienna.