Security fittings - your helper against burglars

The key is only a small part of the door, because the heart of the door is actually the lock. Without the lock, the key would be completely useless and at the same time anyone can open your door as they please. We would like to prevent this by offering you various security fittings. They provide more protection in your home and prevent anyone from breaking into your house. Both when you are at home and when you are out and about. 

Security escutcheon without cylinder cover

The security escutcheon without cylinder cover is a true classic and is quite simple, yet effective. Basically it is the classic lock that you will find on most exterior doors. But watch out: A security escutcheon without cylinder cover is not the actual cylinder. It is the part where you later insert the key. Instead, you get a robust frame and the handle. The advantage of a security escutcheon without cylinder cover is that installation is quite simple. With a few simple steps we fix the security fitting without cylinder cover and you can use the cylinder as usual. An additional advantage is that these security security fittings are among the cheapest on the market. That is why they are also used for interior doors.

With cylinder cover (core pulling protection)

Another form is the security escutcheon with cylinder cover. The name already tells you the difference to the security escutcheon without cylinder cover, because now you get a cover for the cylinder. This means that the cylinder does not lie open in the door, but is covered by high-quality materials. This not only creates a clean and modern look, but also has practical advantages. Did you know that the majority of doors are opened not because the lock has been picked, but because the entire cylinder is simply pulled out? This is a much easier method for many burglars and often takes less than two minutes. This is exactly what a security fitting with cylinder cover prevents, because thanks to the cover criminals cannot reach the cylinder and cannot simply pull it out. This increases your security even further. With interior doors, however, a security fitting with cylinder cover is unnecessary.

Building hardware

Do you have a precise idea of how your fitting should look? Now our construction hardware is the right choice, because you can assemble the protective hardware exactly the way you want it. Basically, you can replace any part of the hardware and adapt it to your own ideas. How about a different material, a more modern handle or even more security measures? The building hardware adapts exactly to your wishes and can be perfectly tailored to the door. By the way: Building hardware is also useful if you want to match the inner locks to the outer locks or vice versa. This creates a harmonious appearance throughout the house or apartment.


Protective rosettes

Protective rosettes are the optimal choice if you want to prevent break-in attempts. The purpose of the security escutcheon is to protect the lock and the profile cylinder. If you compare the security escutcheon with our offers, you will notice a high similarity to security escutcheons with cylinder cover. With the security escutcheon, on the other hand, the difference is that you only get core pulling protection. In this respect, security escutcheons can be retrofitted to conventional locks if you want to make them more secure. Just as with security escutcheons, it is now impossible for a burglar to simply pull the complete cylinder out of the door. The security escutcheon prevents this reliably and securely.

Special protection fitting

Our range of protective fittings is even larger, which is why we also offer special protective fittings. This includes all fittings that do not fit into the other categories. So if you are looking for a special model, you are in most cases at the right address with special security fittings. We will be happy to advise you on special fittings that are perfectly tailored to your door. In this way you can secure any type of door, not only conventional entrance doors.

A comprehensive consultation

Finding the right security fitting can sometimes be a mammoth task. That's why we want to avoid you having to spend hours and hours on the different models. If you call us, we will advise you on the phone about the options available to you. It is important to us that we take your situation into account. So tell us already on the phone what you expect from your lock. Do you just want it to look good or do you also want to protect yourself against burglars? Maybe you also want to have a deterrent. As we have many different products on offer, we are sure to find exactly the security fitting that suits you.

Just call and get help

Do not only call us if you need help with a locked door, we are also a supplier of security fittings.

On the phone or on site we will advise you on your options. Of course, we also take care of the installation, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

We know exactly what we are doing and make sure that your door and the security fitting form a unit that cannot be overcome.