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The seventh district of Vienna is a prime example of the professional redevelopment of a district. Especially if you look around the Spittelberg area, you will see that the city has done an excellent job. The district has been created from completely different suburban communities, including Spittelberg and Schottenfeld. At that time, Spittelberg was notorious as the home of prostitution, whereas Schottenfeld was considered a centre of wealth, as Vienna's industry has its roots there. Today, of course, things are quite different. There is still industry, but new construction has also become a popular residential area. Nearly 28,000 people make themselves comfortable on the area of 1.61 square kilometres. In addition, there are about 25,000 jobs. Of course, you can also enjoy the good life in New Vienna, but dark clouds will soon gather if you have problems with your door or security. Don't wait long and simply call us.

A waiting period of 30 minutes

The door is closed, you can no longer find your key or it has even broken off in the middle of the lock. Especially in the late evening hours it happens more often than you think that your own front door simply remains locked. Maybe you are lucky and do not live alone, which is why someone from inside can open the door for you. Or you might have deposited a spare key, which is very risky. It is better if you call us directly, because Schlüsseldoc is a key emergency service which is always there for you. What makes us different from our competitors? Our 30-minute guarantee. Surely you know the problem when you call a locksmith. You place the order and then you're at your door for ages before anyone comes. This is a popular scam by swindlers, because it enables them to put a long journey on the bill. We would like to avoid this by giving you our promise that we will be with you within 30 minutes at the latest. No matter when you call us. Of course, due to some circumstances, such as a traffic jam, we might not be able to make it in 30 minutes. Now you will receive a discount of five euros as compensation from us. Nevertheless we always try to keep the 30 minutes. Our average waiting time is even only 24 minutes, even in Vienna-Neubau.

At night, on weekends or public holidays

You cannot control when a problem with your doors occurs. For example after a wild party night on the banks of the Danube, a hard day's work in the city or even on a frosty, cold winter morning. Whenever your door is faxing and denying you access, we are there to help. After all, we are not a simple locksmith, but an emergency service. We specialize in all those emergencies that can't wait. Whether in the middle of the night, on weekends or even a holiday. There's not a day you can't call us. Even the time does not matter, because there can always be some problems. We want to support you and make sure that your door is open again as soon as possible. However, it should be mentioned that our emergency service costs a small allowance. However, if you only want to use our other services, it is not an emergency. Accordingly, simply make an appointment beforehand and we can help you at the desired time. Certainly, a consultation will already take place by telephone.

Call me.

It is obligatory to call us beforehand, otherwise we will not know that you need our help. But we do not only recommend a phone call if you are in an emergency situation. We also offer advice over the phone. The consultation can be about many different things, not just opening your door. After all, we have a number of products on offer that can help you in your daily life. First and foremost, we offer you all helpers with regard to safety. Right at the front are new locks. Unfortunately, very few people concern themselves with whether their own locks still meet modern standards. Only when someone has broken in do you reproach yourself. This does not have to be the case, because we take a close look at your locks and then tell you whether or not it makes sense to replace them. Of course, we have a number of locks on offer that fit a wide variety of doors and price ranges. Even now our advice will help you, because we can tell you what options you have.


However, the area of security is much more extensive. We offer the most diverse security technology, so that not only your doors are protected. Especially the windows are considered to be a popular access point for burglars, because they are usually protected minimally or not at all. In no time at all, the window is open and your family is in danger. We prevent this by introducing you to our wide range of security technology. We are also active in the field of prevention. This means that we offer various security measures which are intended to deter burglars and criminals. For example cameras, motion detectors and more. Over the phone we can of course tell you what possibilities you have. But our locksmith service Wien 1070 also takes care of an area which could hardly be more classical: The duplication of keys. So if you need a new key, simply contact us. In most cases, the key is made after a few minutes.

A fixed price

Anyone who has ever ordered a service provider to his or her home will probably know the problem: In the end, you are presented with an invoice and you are surprised how much you have to pay. After all, every single item is recorded, such as the journey, tools or working hours. Depending on the problem, you may end up with a tidy sum. With us it is different, because we offer our prices on a fixed price basis. This means that you know in advance exactly what you have to put on the table at the end. That is why it is so important over the phone that you are completely honest with us. Tell us exactly what the problem is and how we can help you. This makes it much easier for us to calculate a price. We also offer a surcharge cost calculator. With this we can calculate how high the surcharges will be. So we can already tell you over the phone which price you will have to pay in the end. The special thing is that the price does not change even if the situation on site is a bit more complicated. The only difference is if the additional costs are high, but we will explain this to you then.

Always a quick help

If you have joined personalities such as Karl Farkas or Gustav Klimt and live in the cosy new Vienna building, you will certainly feel at home. After all, famous sights such as the Palace of Justice or the Collegiate Church are only a stone's throw away. However, if you should have any problems with your locks, Schlüsseldoc is there for you. We are active throughout Vienna, including Neubau, the green stronghold of the city. We help you with locked doors, no matter what kind. It is also not important what time it is. Whether in the middle of the night or early in the morning, we are always on duty as an emergency service. This also applies to holidays or weekends. Just call us and already on the phone we can clarify how we can help you. You will benefit from our many years of experience, because the key service Vienna 1070 has been there for you for half an eternity. Just do not forget that we also offer other services and products. 

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