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Vienna never sleeps and there is always something going on. But if you want more peace and quiet, then you have certainly chosen the 21st district of Vienna. Floridsdorf has a rural charm and benefits especially from the railway line opened in the 19th century. From that time on the community flourished rapidly and is today a popular place to live for families and workers. The district is not only known for its rural beauty, but over the years some famous people have come from Floridsdorf, like Franz Jonas, Erika Pluhar or Hannes Androsch. If you too have chosen Vienna 1210, then enjoy the peace, relaxation and the city centre of Vienna, which is only a stone's throw away. But just as quickly it can also come to a small catastrophe if someone tamperes with your castles. You can prevent this by calling the locksmith service Wien 1210 directly.

More security for your home

Although Floridsdorf is not located in the centre of Vienna, it is still a popular meeting place for criminals. Especially because it is quiet here at night and only few people are out and about. The perfect time to enter any house or apartment and steal the valuables. You must prevent this from the outset by ensuring increased security measures. Even if nothing has happened in your neighbourhood for years, burglaries could still occur. We at the Schlüsseldienst Wien 1210 will help you to ensure that nobody can break into your home. This is possible with a new lock, because the locking system is often the crux of the break-in. Schlüsseldoc offers you many different ways to secure your doors. We are not only talking about a new lock, but also bolts or fittings. Basically, it is always our aim that nobody but you can get into your home.

Of course we will sit down with you and discuss together which solution is best for you. It is helpful if we look at the situation on site. This way we know which lock you currently own and whether it needs to be replaced, or even an extended security measure. It is practical that we do not only think about your front door. Although it is a popular access point, terrace, garage, balcony or back doors are even more popular. Even windows can be cracked quickly and somebody is already standing at your home. We prevent this by looking at your house from top to bottom and checking which security measures are reasonable.

Even more services

Our services are even more extensive, which is why we are happy to advise you. A true classic is the duplication of keys. Keys are necessary to open a lock. However, not only you must have the key, but perhaps other relatives, friends or colleagues as well. Whenever you need a new key, just contact Schlüsseldoc. We will make sure that you receive new keys in no time at all. But we are also active in more areas, such as door viewers, padlocks, letterbox openings and beam locks. Just sit down with us and together we will see which services suit you best.

As a key emergency service on site

We have already introduced you to some of the services provided by the Schlüsseldienst Wien 1210, but actually our core business is the key emergency service. Our emergency service takes care of opening doors that you can no longer open. Such situations arise quickly. For example, the door has closed, you can no longer find your key or the key has simply broken off in the lock. Dial our number now and we can help you. As an emergency service, it is not important when a lock incident has occurred. We are available for you around the clock and can help you every day of the week. This is also the case on public holidays. On those holidays most locksmiths are not open, but we are an exception. Just give us a call and we will let you know what possibilities you have.

We offer our key services, respectively our unlocking service, in the postal codes listed on the left, the associated districts and of course all over Vienna.

In use for over 20 years

Vienna is teeming with key services, but their main problem is their experience. After all, almost anyone can open an emergency key service without really having many years of experience. That is why we write on the cap that we have been working as locksmith Vienna 1210 for more than 20 years. We were founded at the beginning of the 90s and since then we have been on the road all over Vienna. We have already experienced numerous situations and with every further assignment our knowledge grew. Those experiences now benefit you. We know exactly how we have to act in the different situations and what to look out for. We have even learned some tricks. Thus we guarantee that we always solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Less than half an hour later

A common problem with many key emergency services is that they simply take their time. After all, this could mean that a long journey could be charged for later, which in the end costs you a lot of money. We don't want to leave you standing in front of your locked door for long, which is why we offer a 30-minute guarantee. As the name suggests, we guarantee that we will not be at your door half an hour later. This is possible because we know our way around Vienna very well and therefore always take the fastest routes. Although we have set ourselves a target of 30 minutes, it could happen that we cannot keep to that. Also in Vienna there are traffic jams or we really stand before every red traffic light. But do not worry if we arrive a little later. We will credit you a discount of five euros as compensation. But in general we have to mention that our waiting time is of 24 minutes.

Prices firmly in view

What do you decide when you are looking for a key emergency service? Certainly the price, because although you want an open door, you don't want to pay too much. Now you quickly encounter another problem of dubious providers, because they try to take the money out of your pocket. There are many different tricks for this, such as a long journey, pretending to have a complicated problem or using many unnecessary tools. To prevent this from happening to you, we have simply introduced fixed prices. So we do not calculate the price on site, but already during our conversation we can tell you what the costs will be. But you can also inform yourself, because you can find our price list on our website. There you can read exactly how high our prices are. We can also help you find out how much our service will cost you in the end by phone.

Let us help!

Try not to open a locked door yourself. While it's tempting to use hairpins or credit cards, you often do more harm than good. Leave it to a professional. We at Schlüsseldoc have been in the business since the 90s and have experienced just about everything. From slammed doors to damaged locking systems to broken keys. We are familiar with all these areas and can therefore help you as quickly as possible. What do you have to do? Just give us a call and we'll be on our way. Less than 30 minutes later we are already at your doorstep and can help you. But we are also active in other areas.

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