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The 10th district of Vienna is called Favoriten, which can be derived from a palace complex. This partially still preserved complex is today located in the district of Wieden and is called Favorita. The name Favoriten, which the 10th district bears today, was quickly created. But there is also a big peculiarity, as Vienna 1100 was not incorporated as the inner districts were in 1850. Only since 1874, Favoriten has been part of Vienna. After all, Favoriten is a border area. On site you will find many municipal buildings, most of which are over 100 years old. That is also the reason why 1100 has developed into a classic working class district. Today about 150,000 people live there on an area of 31 square kilometres. If you are one of them, you have certainly already benefited from the many opportunities. But what do you do when you can no longer get into your own home?

Our advantages for you:

  • Many years of experience
  • A service all over Vienna
  • On site in 30 minutes
  • Many different services
  • Extensive consultation
  • Long-term partner

Open locks in a flash

Don't think it will never happen to you that your front door simply won't open for you anymore. Because it happens faster than you thought, that you lose the key, the lock blocks or even the key in the lock breaks off. If you are lucky, someone on the inside can open the door for you or you have a spare key. If not, what then? Now our locksmith service Wien 1100 comes into play, because we are the perfect address for open locks. We are not a conventional locksmith service, but we have specialised in emergency cases. Such emergencies, which arise at the most inappropriate times: at night, on a relaxing weekend or even on holidays. It does not matter which day it is, just give us a call. We will immediately put you in touch with a qualified employee who will take a close look at your situation. Already on the phone you will benefit from the next advantage.

Extensively advised

Dubious companies don't want to know exactly what happened or what the situation on site is like, but they immediately give their consent and set off. This sounds wonderful at first, because you will receive quick help, but it is different on site. Often these companies do not have the necessary know-how and even want a lot of money for it. That's why we concentrate on a consultation so that we can get to work directly with you. Tell us exactly what happened and how we can help you now. We will then advise you about the options available to you. Afterwards we will get started so that we can be with you as soon as possible. Of course, our advice does not only include our key emergency service, but we are also active in other areas. That means, if you are looking for new keys or locks, security technology, fittings and more, please contact us. Over the phone we can advise you what would suit you and how you can make your home even more secure.

In business for years

In order to offer comprehensive advice, we naturally need the necessary experience. That's why Schlüsseldoc has been in use not just for a few years, but for half an eternity. Over the years we have encountered almost every situation. From locked doors to broken keys to outdated locking systems. We have dealt with everything and therefore know how to proceed. Our goal is to find the right solution for every problem. However, we are not resting on our laurels. It is important to us that we always keep ourselves up to date. And since there are always new technologies, techniques and products on the market, we also deal with them. The focus is always on gathering knowledge, which we in turn can apply to your business.

Services over services

Our main task is the key emergency service, which is why we are always available for you. But that is not all, because our portfolio of services is even more extensive. Just ask what we can do for you. A particularly popular area is the replacement of locks. Over the years, locks lose their quality so that they could easily be picked by strangers. You can prevent this by having a new lock installed. We offer a colourful selection of locks, from simple to futuristic. We will certainly advise you which lock best suits your budget and your door. But we are active in even more areas, such as duplication of keys. A new or additional key is always needed and we make sure that you get it, of course 100 percent accurate.

But the topic of security is also close to our hearts. Burglars do not even stop at favourites and so doors and windows are broken open again and again. We want to protect you with our security technology and make sure that nobody enters your home who shouldn't. Let us advise you which security technology is sensible for your home. For example fittings or a padlock. But modern security measures also fall under our responsibility. Our aim is to prevent a break-in instead of making it more difficult. With certainty we will find the right product for you.

Do not wait 30 minutes

One of our biggest advantages is that you do not have to wait for hours in front of your locked door. This is a popular scam by scammers, because the longer you wait, the longer "could be" the journey. So scammers take their time and later claim that they had to travel a long way to get here. Whether this is true in the end is rather questionable. That is why we offer a 30-minute guarantee. We guarantee that after just 30 minutes we will be at your place in Vienna-Favoriten. So you don't have to wait long and at the same time you get a fast service. Certainly, due to some unforeseeable events, we might not be able to keep the 30 minutes. If this is the case, we will give you a discount of five euros. In this way we make up for our promise. However, we do not aim to do so, which has also led to the fact that we are usually with you after an average of 24 minutes.

A fixed price

You don't want to let the money out of your sight. Especially an emergency service can cost a little more money, but in the end you have to present a bill for it? Certainly not, because we do not work with a bill that is made up of different points. Instead, we give you a fixed price in advance. This fixed price depends on your problem and the surcharges. We can calculate everything in advance and you then know exactly how much you have to pay. Even if things get a bit trickier on site, the price will in most cases remain the same. This has the advantage for you that you cannot be ripped off. After all, it is a popular scam of rip-off companies to simply drive up prices by using various tools. Not with us, because with us you know what you have to pay. Of course, you will still receive an invoice so that you can see at the end how our price was made up. So you always keep the overview. So get in touch with us and let us help you with your problem!

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