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The history of the 12th district of Vienna goes back far into the past. At that time in the 11th century the district was still known as Murlingen, but today the inhabitants call it Meidling. Southwest of today's city centre, Murlingen was at that time mainly known for the cultivation of wine, because it had a rural charm. It was not until the 19th century that the structure of rural life was to change significantly. Numerous new businesses were established, such as tanners, washers or tradesmen, which meant that viticulture declined more and more. During this time, the quarter was also divided into Obermeidling and Untermeidling. Today, the two areas still differ greatly. Thus, most of the inhabitants are located near the Gürtel, towards the city center, whereas in the south, the population density decreases strongly. Basically it doesn't really matter where you make yourself comfortable in Meidling, you will enjoy a relaxed life. Until the time when you no longer come to your own home.

The door is closed

Wien-Meidling has always been considered a working class district, but here you can also live in peace and quiet. Should you ever encounter problems with your front door or its locks, then the locksmith service Wien 1120 is the right address for you. We are an emergency key service that is active throughout Vienna. This is also the case in Meidling, where we can quickly help you to have your problem solved. As an emergency service we are of course not only on duty during regular working hours, but around the clock. After all, lock problems can always occur in Meidling. Simply call us and a trained member of staff will be on his way to you. By the way, this also applies on weekends or public holidays. We do not take time off and are always on duty for you instead. On site, we logically ensure that the problem disappears into thin air as quickly as possible.

In Meidling you help yourself

Why call Schlüsseldoc when you can fix the problem yourself? This is your train of thought, because a key emergency service is not free of charge. So you want to go into action and open your door yourself. Sounds like a laudable plan at first, but it can quickly backfire. Imagine you have lost your key, nobody is at home and you don't have a spare key. So think what you can do now. You'll think of all those films where locks were simply opened with a hairpin or other pointed object. You go to work and fiddle around with your lock for hours. If you're really very lucky, you might get your door open. But it is more likely that your door remains closed and you have damaged your lock. So now not only your door needs to be opened, but also the lock needs to be replaced. This will cost you a lot more money in the end. You will also look like a burglar during the whole process, which can lead to more than unpleasant situations.

Let a professional do the work, because we at the locksmith service Wien 1120 know all about the different locks and locking systems. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience, which we now use to help you as quickly as possible. Of course we also deal with the latest techniques in this field. After all, there is always something going on and it is now important that we do not let ourselves get left behind. Otherwise it can easily happen that we come to you in Meidling and do not know what to do. We avoid this by regularly training ourselves. Both about the latest technologies and modern tools. In this way, we make sure that we can solve any problem professionally and quickly.

Less than 30 minutes later

They were on the way in the foothills of the Wienerbergs or visited the Hetzendorf castle or the Atzgersdorf castle. You come home late at night and just want to fall into bed, but where is your key? Probably lost, which is why a call to the key service Wien 1120 is now following. After a short consultation we will leave immediately, because our goal is that you don't have to wait too long. After just 30 minutes we will be on site and can take care of your problem. In fact, we are usually much faster, as our average waiting time is 24 minutes. Certainly, it can always happen that we unfortunately cannot keep the 30 minutes, like through a traffic jam. If such an incident has occurred, you will receive a five euro discount. So you win in any case, whether you save some money or get quick help.

How much do we cost?

You do not want to use an emergency key service, which only takes the money out of your pocket. This is understandable why you don't have to wait until we are finished with our work. On the contrary, you will find out how much we cost as soon as we talk to you on the phone. The reason is that we work on a fixed price basis. This means that we do not charge tools, man-hours, surcharges etc. on site, but already over the phone. We have a special surcharge cost calculator for this. So we give you a price in advance, which is fixed. Even if it should become a little more complicated on site, this price often does not change. The same applies to our other services, because here we also offer a fixed price. So sit down with us and together we will find out how high your costs will be.

Numerous services for your needs

Our key emergency service is only a small area, because our services are much more extensive. Your security is especially important to us. Locks in particular pose a great danger if they do not meet modern standards. This means that locks decrease in quality over time. The constant inserting and removing of keys leaves traces. But also the weather can damage a lock, which is why it becomes more and more unsafe. Therefore we help you by offering you new locks. After a few years, it makes sense to replace your lock. Certainly, we have a large and extensive range of different locks that fit a wide variety of price ideas and doors. If you take advantage of our advice in advance, we will find out which lock suits you best.

Our services are not only about the perfect lock, but also about general security. This means that there are many more ways in which you can increase your security. You need to pay particular attention to your windows, as they are considered to be a popular point of access for burglars. The reason is quite simple, because windows are usually hardly or not at all protected. This changes when you decide to use our service. We take a close look at your home and then tell you how we can improve security. Our options are many and varied, including various security measures and deterrents. So contact us and we will find the right measures to make your home safer!

Our advantages at a glance:

  • As an emergency service we are on duty 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
  • Many different services
  • All costs on a fixed price basis
  • In 30 minutes on site or discount
  • Many years of experience
  • Suitable aids

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