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Schlüsseldienst Wien 1140 - Your key service for Penzing

The long history of the 14th district of Vienna is always interesting. Penzing was already founded in the 9th century, although it was not until the 12th century that it was first mentioned in documents under the name "Pencingen". For centuries the district was known for one thing in particular: wine growing. Most of today's suburbs were all wine-growing areas and ensured a rich upswing for Penzing. Unfortunately, fate was not particularly kind to the district, which is why the suburbs were struck by plague, Turkish wars and even flooding of the Vienna River. After all these disasters, Penzing first had to recover, which is why the Schönbrunn Palace was built nearby. Today it is one of the most popular sightseeings of the city and a landmark. But the 14th quarter has much more to offer, as the Fox Villa or also the Hohe-Wand-Wiese. That's why you can enjoy the good life here until a little something thwarts your plans. Where did your front door key go?

Lost, misplaced or broken off

The key is the access to the house, but sometimes it is not where it should be. You might have left it at work or lost it on the train. Even more annoying is when the key breaks in the middle of the lock. You were so close to getting home, but now you can't get any further. You are lucky if someone can open the door for you from the inside or you have a spare key, depending on the situation. However, this does not solve the problem, the key is still missing. Let us help you, because we from the key service Wien 1140 will make sure that your door opens at any time. Our emphasis is on any time, because we are not a simple locksmith. They work according to fixed working hours and only come by then. Instead, Schlüsseldoc is an emergency key service that takes care of emergencies in Penzing. So if for some reason you can no longer get your own front door open, please call us. We are always available and will tell you immediately how we can help you. If you would like us to open your door, we'll be on our way. It doesn't matter what time or day you called us, we are there for you. 

Profit from our experience

Anyone can open doors? It is not so, because the locking systems have changed a lot over the years. In the beginning there were only a handful of locks that were very similar, but today the choice is much greater. There are products in every conceivable shape, size and material, which is why locksmiths cannot simply rest on their laurels. You have to constantly educate yourself, otherwise you will quickly lose your way. That is why we hold regular training courses to keep us up to date. We always keep in mind that we want to help you as quickly as possible. After all, this is only possible if we also know what we have to do. However, it is not only training that helps us, but over the years we have also gained experience. We have developed our own techniques and solutions to solve problems even faster. This means that we can help you quickly without having to deal with the problem itself for a long time.

Moving forward with the right tools

You should be aware that we cannot open a door simply with good coaxing. This means that special tools are required to open the lock and thus unlock the door. Although there have always been numerous tools, the earlier models all had one major disadvantage: they usually damaged the lock more than they helped it. Today's tools avoid this, because if the lock is damaged too much, it has to be replaced. This not only costs you a lot of money, but also time. We avoid this with our modern aids, which are designed to be as gentle as possible. However, there are always situations where we unfortunately cannot avoid damage. This is often the case with high-quality and burglar-resistant security locks, as these are designed so that they cannot simply be cracked. So we have to use the harder guns, which often result in damage to the lock. Nevertheless, it is always our aim to proceed as gently as possible.

A number of services await you

It all started as a simple locksmith. Our job was to open locks and duplicate keys. Of course we still do this today, even as an emergency service, but our services have expanded considerably. Nowadays we offer you many different possibilities which you can take advantage of. At the forefront is the installation of new locks. This is not only appropriate if your locking system is damaged. You also need new locks if they are outdated. Outdated locks are a risk because they are easy to pick. A meal ticket for every criminal. We make sure that the security of your home is not at risk. In this respect we offer many different locks, which we tailor perfectly to your needs. Of course we take your door, the price budget and many other points into consideration. The lock should always fit you perfectly, but also guarantee your security.


Far away from new locking systems, we offer even more solutions for your security. Windows in particular play an important role, as they are particularly popular with burglars. The reason is very simple, because windows are usually not secured. This makes it easy for burglars to penetrate your home. We prevent this by offering you the appropriate security solutions. For example fittings or similar. It is best if we take a look at the situation on site and together we will advise you on which solution is best for you. It is generally advantageous if you contact us beforehand. This way we can clarify on the phone how we can help you.


Know the price in advance

It is not uncommon for you to call in a service provider, have them do their job, and in the end you receive an invoice that you would not have expected. There is a tidy sum on the invoice, which you must pay, of course. We do not want you to get a shock when you see our invoice. Therefore we work with fixed prices. That means, every service has a fixed price, where only a few subsidies are added. For example, for use after 8 p.m. or on weekends. But since we have a fixed price for everything, we can already tell you on the phone how much our service will cost you. There will be no unpleasant surprises for you, but you have your costs firmly in view. Watch out: Even if there are any changes on site, it usually doesn't change the price.

Call today

You do not necessarily have to call us if you have a key emergency. We will also help you with all questions about keys and locking systems. As soon as you call us, you only have to tell us where the shoe pinches. We already try to give you the best possible help over the phone and if necessary we will come by as soon as possible. After all, it is our sworn aim that we help you quickly and not at inflated prices. Instead, you can already read on our website how our prices are made up. Of course we can also tell you about this again on the phone. So don't hesitate any longer and call us. We are at your disposal with advice and action!

Our prices for 1140 Vienna

Our prices are available, fair and transparent!

simple door opening:
€ 50,- (door only closed)*
Evening surcharge:
€ 20,- fixed price (18.00 - 20.00 o'clock)
Night supplement:
€ 30,- fixed price (18.00 - 20.00 hrs)
Weekend / Holiday:
€ 30,- fixed price
Approach 14th precinct: 
€ 30,- fixed price
Not urgent? Then just write to us.
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