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Formerly the 17th district of Vienna was three villages, which were named Dornbach, Neuwaldegg as well as Hernals. However, they have not only been mentioned in history books for several centuries, but their existence can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. However, the first notable mention probably took place only in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, the present district of Hernals developed from these three communities. But it should still take a while before Hernals should develop to the suburb of the western part of Vienna of today. The incorporation did not take place until 1892. Of course, today, Vienna 1170 is a popular destination of families and workers who do not want to live right in the centre. A fact: for many decades, Hernals belonged to the most populated communities in completely Lower Austria, but in the last years, the number decreased to approximately 50.000 inhabitants. If you belong to these 50,000 people, you will certainly also enjoy the peace and quiet in Schwarzenbergpark or a round on the sports club field. But your safety must also be guaranteed in Hernals, and Schlüsseldoc will be there to help you.

Used as emergency service

Keys may be small, but they cause huge problems. For example, if you can no longer find your key or have lost it. But it also happens that the key simply breaks off in the lock. Now you ask yourself the big question: How do I get home? Quite simply by calling the key service Wien 1170. Schlüsseldoc can be reached around the clock, because we are committed to being an emergency service. A conventional locksmith service has fixed working hours, usually on regular working days. But that doesn't help you very much if you can't get your own door open at the weekend, at night or even on a holiday. Now we are on the spot, because as a key emergency service we know exactly how we can help you. If you call us, we are immediately on the spot.

As an emergency service we do not have fixed working hours. Instead, our employees are always ready and waiting for your call. As soon as you call us, you will be immediately transferred to one of our competent colleagues. He will then clarify how we can help you. If you agree with the solution, he will make his way directly to you. No long waiting times or even making an appointment first. Instead, our locksmith service Wien 1170 will come by whenever you need us. It should be mentioned, however, that our emergency service costs a little more. But we will tell you on the phone what costs you should expect.

Fixed prices for more security

It is not surprising that few emergency services operate on a fixed price basis. After all, they could not easily rip off their customers. There are many dubious methods of driving up costs. One of the classics is the long journey. The company didn't have a long journey, but simply took an extremely long time. Nevertheless, the invoice later states that a long distance was covered. We avoid this by offering all our services at fixed prices. On the phone we will let you know which price to expect. We also have a suitable table on our website where you can see for yourself what costs are to be expected. Do not forget that there are also some surcharges. For example, these will be charged at the weekend or at night. Of course we do not conceal anything from you, but we will let you know if such surcharges are to be expected. It should be mentioned, however, that our prices are not 100 percent fixed. Should it turn out on site that the situation is more complicated and requires additional work, we will let you know. But we also have fixed prices for the additional work. So you will never be surprised.

Less than half an hour later

Another problem with many rogue rip-off companies is that they take their time. This is especially dangerous in winter, when you are standing in front of your locked door and have no place to hide. In the end this is even dangerous to your health. That is why we offer a 30-minute guarantee. We don't have to say much about it, because the 30-minute guarantee ensures that we will be with you after 30 minutes. It does not matter whether it is at night, at the weekend or even in winter. We always take the shortest route and use our knowledge of Vienna and its shortcuts to get to you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there are always situations where we exceed the 30 minutes. Examples are a traffic jam or numerous red lights. Nevertheless, we do not want to disappoint you as a customer and offer you a five euro discount in such a case. A kind of apology, so that we can do better next time.

Want more services?

Opening locked doors is only a small part of our locksmith service Wien 1170, which means that we have many more services on offer from which you can benefit. Your security is particularly important to us. That is why we have a rich portfolio of the most diverse locking systems. After all, doors are one of the most popular access points for criminals. So if you do not secure your doors properly, a burglar could soon be standing in your living room. Think not only of the front door, but also side or garage doors. Of course we will look at your locking systems on site and then advise you whether it makes sense to replace them. It is especially recommended for old locking systems that have seen better days.

We also offer other security options. These include fittings, padlocks or bolts. Just call us and we can tell you how we can make your home more secure. Our aim is always to deter criminals from trying to break into your home. But we also take care of the classic duplication of keys. So if you need a new key, whether for private or professional use, come to us. We duplicate all keys and make sure that they fit perfectly into the lock. In the best case you simply contact us and together we can see what services you like and how we can help you.

We are your partner in need

It's happening faster than you think. We are not only talking about your private front door key, but also keys for companies, offices and more. What do you do now if you need to get into the building urgently? Simply call us and Schlüsseldoc will be on his way. We are not a conventional key service Wien 1170, but an emergency service. So you don't have to pay attention to any time or day, we are always on duty for you. Just give us a call and a professional, experienced and competent Schlüsseldoc employee will be on his way to you. How long do you have to wait? No more than 30 minutes, we guarantee. Should we ever be unable to honour our guarantee, you will receive a discount of five euros. Not to forget our numerous other services, such as the duplication of keys or the installation of new locking systems. All our services are based on fixed prices, so that you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises. Therefore, don't wait too long to call us, but let us help you with the key service Vienna 1170!

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