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In the south of Vienna you will find the 23rd district, which is called Liesing. Liesing was integrated into Vienna relatively late, namely in 1938, when some municipalities of Lower Austria were incorporated into Vienna. A total of 15 small villages, such as Vösendorf, Schwechat or Purkersdorf, were merged to form Liesing. However, this was revised again after the end of the Second World War. It was not until 1954 that the now well-known Liesing was formed. Only two districts were included, the rest was given to Lower Austria. Despite all the back and forth, Liesing is very popular today. It is the fifth largest district of the city and is particularly green. After all, more than 30 percent of the area consists of green and forest areas. But also tourists are always attracted to Vienna 1230, because there are some castles to admire. The castles Liesing, Alterlaa and Rodaun are especially beautiful. If you are already there, you can also visit the Wotrubakirche. But you can also enjoy the good life here until the moment when suddenly your front door doesn't open anymore. Don't panic, because now the key service Vienna 1230 is there for you!

Why would you call us?

A locked door is a big nuisance, and it happens faster than you might think. For example, you go out to get the mail and suddenly your door slams shut. But broken keys are not uncommon either. Many different situations lead to the fact that you can no longer get home. Don't get the idea that you are just trying to get home yourself. Only if you have the right tools and the right know-how could you reopen a door that has fallen shut. But if you try to open your lock with an EC card or even some hairpins, it will usually backfire. Not only does your lock remain closed, but you also look like a burglar. This can lead to unpleasant situations where you are in need of an explanation. By the way: it is easy for you to permanently damage your lock. Not just a few scratches, but deep notches that make it impossible to open with the key. Now you need a new locking system. Therefore, leave the opening to a specialist, as we at Schlüsseldoc are.

We have accumulated years of experience, because our company has not been in existence for a short time. Instead, we have been active since the beginning of the 90s and have already opened doors throughout Vienna. Of course, a lot has changed over the years in terms of locking systems, keys and security measures. That's why we don't rest on our experience, but continue to educate ourselves. That's why we deal with the latest techniques and innovations that can make both your life and ours easier. Always with the goal in mind that we want to be up to date. So you get not only an experienced company, but also a provider who knows what the future holds.

24/7 no problem for us

When does it come to a locked door? Usually when you can use it the least. Of course, no time is appropriate, but some are even more inappropriate than others. For example, when you come home after a relaxing night with friends or when you just want to fall into bed with your family after Christmas. Weekends, late at night or even holidays are not times when a normal locksmith Vienna 1230 will help you. Instead, you should call an emergency key service. We are such an emergency key service, which will help you in emergency situations. You do not have to look at the clock before, just call us. As an emergency service we are available 24/7 and therefore always available for you. Whether at night or at the weekend, it does not matter. The best thing is to explain to us on the phone as detailed as possible what happened. This will enable us to get started directly on site, which saves you and us time.

Waiting time? No more than 30 minutes

In Vienna there are many locksmiths who will want to wrap you around their fingers. You will soon find yourself in the hands of a dubious provider who is only interested in your money. One of the most popular tricks of rip-offs is the long way to get there. You call, the provider says he will leave immediately and will only arrive at your place after one hour. Now the bill includes a long journey, which of course costs more. The company might not have needed ten minutes to reach you. To make sure you don't get the idea that we do this, we have introduced our 30-minute guarantee.

Just give us a call, we will clarify all the important facts on the phone and we will be on our way to you. We always take the fastest route, because we know our way around Vienna very well. Although it is a 30-minute guarantee, we can never guarantee 100% that we will arrive after 30 minutes. Unforeseeable events could delay our arrival, like a traffic jam. So if we are even one minute late, we will give you a five euro discount as compensation. Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that our average waiting time is 24 minutes.

Prices are fixed

All too often, dubious companies are happy to take the money out of your pocket, because you don't know in advance how much the respective service will cost you. Certainly you are also worried about our key emergency service that the bill will be much too high in the end. But you don't have to be, because we offer you fixed prices. We have been using this model for several years now, because it allows us to tell you in advance how much our service will cost you. We have a long list of services with the corresponding prices. However, depending on the time of day and the problem, there may be additional charges, such as a night-time use. We do not conceal this from you, but inform you openly over the telephone. You can even inform yourself by simply taking a look at our site. Here we have recorded all prices so that you will not be surprised.

Services - What else do we offer?

Just open a door? No problem, but our services have expanded considerably over the years. Starting with the simple duplication of keys. So if you need a new key, whether for your family, employees or colleagues, then you've come to the right place. We will ensure that you receive suitable keys in no time at all. But your security is also important to us. In Liesing, burglaries or other criminal activities may occur again and again, which is why you need to protect your family as well as your belongings. The first step in this direction is a new lock. Outdated locks are no obstacle for burglars and are usually cracked in a few minutes. That is why we offer you new locks, which provide more security. Certainly we do not only offer the locks, but we also take care of the installation. But our services are much more comprehensive, such as security technology, fittings, mailbox openings and much more. Simply contact us and together we will see which service can help you. Of course, an extensive consultation takes place beforehand. So do not hesitate and call us!

Our prices for 1230 Vienna

Our prices are available, fair and transparent!

simple door opening:
€ 50,- (door only closed)*
Evening surcharge:
€ 20,- fixed price (18.00 - 20.00 o'clock)
Night supplement:
€ 30,- fixed price (18.00 - 20.00 hrs)
Weekend / Holiday:
€ 30,- fixed price
Approach 23rd precinct: 
€ 30,- fixed price
Not urgent? Then just write to us.
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