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Döbling, as the name of the 19th district of Vienna is called, has a long history. Previous records prove that this spot of land was already populated in ancient times. However, real verifiable documents only exist from the 13th century onwards. Even then, the centre of the city was the fortresses on the Leopoldsberg, but hardly any of them are preserved today. Their task at that time was simple: to protect from attackers and defend themselves at the same time. But Döbling was also known for something completely different: its wine growing. Like many suburbs of Vienna, there were many vineyards, but Döbling also had to go through a lot. Among them the plague, numerous plunderings and the Turkish siege. An interesting fact on the side: there was a big battle at Kahlenberg, which led to the decline of the Turks at their second siege. Today Döbling is much more relaxed and offers above all a large villa district. But also sights are not rare, like the already mentioned Kahlenberg and Leopolsberg. But the Karl-Marx-Hof is also very impressive. Nevertheless, some annoyances can also occur in Vienna in 1190, like breaking into your four walls. You don't have to worry about that anymore when you use the service of Schlüsseldoc.

Active since the 90s

Do you really want help from a company that has only recently been established? Certainly not, because such young companies have not gathered the necessary experience. We are different, because Schlüsseldoc has been around since the early 90s. Even back then we were always dealing with the latest technologies and today we have not stopped doing so. After all, the locking system market is constantly changing, which is why there are always exciting innovations. If we did not inform ourselves about them, we would quickly fall by the wayside. This could lead to situations where we do not know how to proceed. We avoid this by regularly training ourselves and dealing with the latest products.

But you also benefit from our many years of experience. Since we have been in operation since the 90s, we have experienced almost everything. From locked doors and defective locking systems to broken keys. We have been on the road all over Vienna and have acquired more knowledge with each new customer. This knowledge is now of benefit to you, because we know all about the different situations. We have even acquired some tricks to solve your problem even faster. Accordingly, you are in safe hands with us.

Open doors all over Döbling

We offer many different services, but the focus is on our key emergency service. As an emergency key service, we do not only deal with "normal" cases, such as a slammed door at lunchtime or the simple duplication of keys, but we are on duty when no other key service is open in Vienna 1190. This is the case, for example, at the weekend or on public holidays. Now conventional locksmiths make themselves comfortable at home, but we are only waiting for your call. Do not pay attention to the time of day, because as a locksmith we can also help you at night. Basically there is no time when you cannot call us. We are always on duty and come to you by the shortest route. We do not lose any time on site and solve your problem as quickly as possible. Of course, we bring the appropriate equipment with us, so all you have to do is wait. But you should be aware of the fact that our emergency service costs a little more money. Of course, we do not conceal this fact, but we can give you an exact amount during our previous consultation. Transparency is very important to us, because we want you to know as much as we do.

I don't need any help!

If this sentence also comes to mind when your door does not open, you should be careful. Especially television or cinema make opening a door a breeze. All you need is a hairpin or a credit card and the door is open. Unfortunately, in reality things look different, because cracking a door requires a lot of tact and experience. If you don't have either of these, you won't get anywhere. The whole action can even backfire by damaging your lock. Sure, a few small scratches are no problem, but the more you work on the lock, the more damage will occur. In the end, it gets to the point where you can no longer use your locking system properly. This in turn means that you will have to replace the entire lock. Not only does this cost you a lot of time and effort, but it also costs you a lot more money. Especially in comparison to what it would have cost if you had simply called Schlüsseleldoc. We therefore do not recommend that you take action yourself and try to open the lock. Instead, call the professionals at Schlüsseldoc and we will make sure that nothing happens to your locking system.

A look at the price

We offer you a best price guarantee, because you don't see our prices only after we have finished our work. We always want to be open and honest with our customers, which is why we have chosen the fixed price model. We have a fixed price for each service. On our website you can already read how our price is composed. We have not only a rough overview, but also a detailed listing. This means that even before we come to you, you know what you will have to put on the table at the end. Of course, we will not leave you in the dark on the phone either. Once we have clarified all the facts about your problem, we can also calculate the price. Our markup calculator helps us with this. After all, there can be various markups, but they are perfectly normal. An example? If you call us after 20:00 or on weekends, you can make use of our emergency service. It costs a little more than our regular key service. But, as already mentioned, we will tell you all this over the phone. So in the end you will not be surprised by the costs. However, we take the liberty of setting a higher price if the situation on site requires a lot of extra work. Of course we will inform you of this.

Numerous services for your home

Our whole heart is in opening doors, but our portfolio of services is much more extensive. First and foremost, we want to provide more security in your home. After all, burglary attempts can also occur in Döbling. You can prevent this by choosing a high-quality lock. A new lock has two advantages. On the one hand, your door is much more difficult to break into. Even a professional would need special tools and a lot of time. On the other hand, a security lock is a deterrent. As already mentioned, it is more complicated to open, which is why many burglars do not want to take the risk of being caught in the process. It is important that you not only secure your front door. We also take a look at side, back or garage doors and check whether it makes sense to replace them as well. After all, it would be useless to secure your front door, but other doors are very easy to open. We have not yet had the last word on the subject of security. We have many more products on offer to ensure that you feel comfortable and secure in your home. As a locksmith, we naturally also deal with typical tasks such as duplicating keys. New keys are always necessary, both in private and professional life. 

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