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There is a lot to experience in the 13th district of Vienna, but also a view into the past is worthwhile. After all, the district has been active since the 13th century and was known for many years for its numerous wine growing areas. Those were mainly located between quarries and cattle meadows. Since that time, however, Hietzing has undergone a rapid ascent and is today one of the most popular quarters for tourists. This is specially due to the castle Schönbrunn that was built there. A dreamlike castle complex that also invites local residents to dream. Moreover, over the years, several holiday and weekend houses were built that were taken by some high personalities. This is why Hietzing is today also known as a city district with a high social reputation. You too can make yourself comfortable on the extensive green spaces and fall happily into your bed in the evening. But what do you do when your door just won't open anymore?

We offer that:

  • 24/7 service for you
  • Fixed prices
  • Several services
  • Previous consultation
  • In use for years
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Duplication of keys

Fast help from the specialist

A locked door is actually not a big obstacle if you have the right key. Insert it into the lock and the door opens as if by magic. But what do you do if you do not have a key? For example, you have lost or misplaced your key, but it can also be broken off in the middle of the locking system. This scenario occurs more often than you might think. What is important now is that you get help quickly, and from a professional. We at the locksmith service Vienna 1130 are such an expert and make sure that every door opens. Of course, we have years of experience, which is why we know exactly how to deal with the individual models. But we also attach great importance to further training, as new locks and security measures are constantly being introduced to the market. To ensure that we are not left behind, we are always continuing our training. It is essential that we always keep up to date. This is the only way we know exactly how to achieve results quickly.

Why shouldn't you go into action yourself?

Opening a door can't be much of an act, I'm sure you agree. After all, heroes in movies and series do it all the time, without much fuss. Of course it looks easy there, but unfortunately the reality is different. You need not only special tools, but also the know-how. Otherwise it happens quickly that you break even more. A lock may look quite robust and sturdy, but you could easily leave marks when you try to open it. This in turn means that you not only have to open the door, but also replace the lock. In the end, this will cost you considerably more than if you had simply called Key Doc. Not to forget that in many cases you will not even be able to open the door. You tinker with the lock, but nothing happens. So you stand in front of a locked door and probably even damaged it. You don't have to do that if you just call us.

No free minute

The problem with many key services is that they only operate at certain times. Usually on the usual working days, i.e. from Monday to Friday. However, if a problem occurs outside these times and days, you will be left without help. Not quite, because now we are on duty for you. We are not just a simple locksmith service Wien 1130, but an emergency service. After all, there may always be some unusual times when you cannot get your own door open. For example, after a wild night on the banks of the Danube, a cosy evening with friends or even after a Christmas visit to relatives. There can always be a key emergency, which is why we are the right address now. We are on duty for you at every imaginable time and make sure that your door is no longer an obstacle. You don't have to be afraid to call us, because even in the early hours of the morning or in the deepest night we are available for you. The same applies, of course, to weekends or public holidays. We don't have a spare minute and are only waiting for a call from customers who need help. However, if you have questions about our service, we recommend that you call us during regular working hours. This allows us to spend more time with you.

Our many services convince

First and foremost, we make sure that you no longer have to stand in front of a locked door. We are a key emergency service that offers quick help. But don't think that's all we have to offer. We can also help you with security, because even Hietzing is not a stop for burglars. Burglaries occur again and again, whereby especially houses with outdated locks are a popular target. Why? Old and dilapidated locks can be opened in no time at all. Often you don't even need special tools for this, but the lock is open in two minutes. We want to prevent this by offering you modern possibilities. This means that we have many different products in our range, but at the forefront are new locking systems. Replace your lock and you will immediately notice that your house is safer. After all, we only offer high-quality locks from well-known and popular companies that have been in use for years. Certainly you do not have to do the installation, that is our job. We make sure that your new lock is secure and tight so that burglars don't even try it.

New locking systems are only one area of our wide range of services, because we also offer a true classic: Duplication of keys. Whether for friends, family, employees or colleagues, new keys are always necessary. We duplicate existing keys within a few minutes, of course according to your ideas. For example with a coloured head to distinguish the keys from each other. But we are also venturing further in the area of security. This includes above all security technology to protect your house even better. Your windows, for example, because they are also popular access points for burglars. With our various solutions, we can ensure that no one can enter your house. Why not sit down with us and together we will discuss which option is best for you. In this way you are sure to always get the best solution for your problem.

No high costs

Have you ever ordered a service provider to you, you may know the problem. All you want is a quick help, but in the end you will receive a huge invoice. This is nothing unusual, especially in emergencies, because you usually have no choice but to let a professional handle the matter. We want to avoid this from the outset by offering fixed prices for our services. This means that we do not just calculate on site how much money you owe us, but we can tell you over the phone what you have to pay. Of course, you can also read about the composition of the price on our website. For example, there are subsidies on weekends or late hours. But we are also available for this around the clock. Basically, we do not want to hide anything from you, which is why we disclose everything. So give us a call, use our possibilities and let us help you!

Our prices for 1130 Vienna

Our prices are available, fair and transparent!

simple door opening:
€ 50,- (door only closed)*
Evening surcharge:
€ 20,- fixed price (18.00 - 20.00 o'clock)
Night supplement:
€ 30,- fixed price (18.00 - 20.00 hrs)
Weekend / Holiday:
€ 30,- fixed price
Approach 13th district: 
€ 30,- fixed price
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