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After a hard day you come back to the 3rd district of Vienna and just want to put your feet up, but then you realize that you simply cannot find your key. Maybe you lost it at work, at friends or on the train? Now it doesn't matter anymore, because your door won't open and it is already darkest night. Don't panic, because our locksmith service Wien 1030 is on duty for you around the clock and makes sure that every locked door opens. Of course, Schlüsseldoc has not only been sticking to the country road, but this is exactly where we are at work.

fallen, lost or broken off

A locked door is unfortunately not a
Rarity, because even a brief moment of distraction is enough to
you're not coming back to your home. To do this, imagine the following situation
before: They just want to get the mail in quickly, dash to the
Mailbox and then a breeze slams your door. You stand slightly
clothed in front of the locked door and have now not very many
Options. Are you a lucky guy, do you live alone, or do you still have
Spare key. If not, the door stays shut. Don't get into...
Panic, because Schlüsseldoc is also available for you in the 3rd district of Vienna. We
are a key emergency service, which means that there is no
There are limits. As an emergency service, we are available to our customers at any time of the day or night
Night time available. It does not matter if your door is closed at night,
you have locked yourself out at the weekend or even on a public holiday, the
Key broken. A call to the key service Wien 1030 is enough and
and we'll be on our way.

The beautiful life in the country road

The first signs of the settlement of today's 3rd Viennese district date back to the Bronze Age, i.e. around the 9th century B.C. At that time the Celts made themselves comfortable here, until the Romans built a civilian town there, which belonged to the then Roman military camp Vindobona. The remains of the civilian town lie today under the area of the Aspang railway station. Over the centuries the town has developed and undergone many changes until the actual district was created in 1850. At that time, the district was mainly known as a trading centre, thanks to the St. Marx Central Cattle Market. Today, if you stroll through the district, you will come across a number of new architectural buildings, such as the Justice Center, the Federal Computing Center, the Wien-Mitte train station and the T-Mobile Center. All these buildings lend the district a touch of modernity, which is why more and more people are settling here. But the absolute highlight is the Belvedere Palace, which is located around the corner. If you have chosen Vienna 1030 as your home, you will certainly enjoy the good life here. At least until your door locks thwart your plans.

Our 30-minute guarantee

Have you ever seen Key Service you may know the problem that you have to wait a long time after the call. Often employees make themselves comfortable while you jitter and wait in front of your locked door. We prevent this by offering you a 30-minute guarantee. This means that as soon as you call us and we have clarified all the important facts, our friendly and experienced staff will set off immediately. In no time at all and after 30 minutes at the latest we will arrive at your place. The traffic situation or other circumstances have prevented us from reaching you after 30 minutes? As an excuse we now offer you a discount of five euros. So you can only win, whether through a quick bet or a cheaper service. Our goal is always to put our customers first, instead of big profits.

Numerous services on offer

As a key emergency service, we are of course primarily specialised in emergencies, but that does not mean that this is all we offer. Over the years, our range of products has expanded constantly, which is why we can now assist you in numerous areas. Starting with new locks, because it is not unusual to insist on your outdated or easily cracked locks. It's time for a change, because this way you can protect your belongings much better. We have many different locking systems on offer, such as beam or security locks, padlocks and security fittings. We would be happy to advise you and also look at the situation on site. This way we can determine perfectly which offer is the best choice and we can protect you effectively. But the rest of the security technology also falls under our responsibility. We make sure that doors and windows do not become an access point for burglars. Which security technology is right for you? We will find this out during our consultation, where you tell us what you want and where your price budget lies. In addition to these services, we also offer classic key duplication. So if you need another key, just contact us. In no time at all, we will produce new keys that perfectly match your lock. 

No panic about prices

Who does not know it, when he uses a service provider and in the end he presents the invoice and there is an enormous amount of money. You have probably come across a rip-off company, which wants to enrich itself from your emergency situation. But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff in advance, which company is serious and which is not? Quite simply, because all our services are on a fixed price basis. That means you know in advance exactly how much our service will cost you in the end. We do not give you rough figures, but with our surcharge cost calculator we can perfectly calculate what you will have to pay in the end. Even if the situation on site is a little more complex, this usually does not lead to a change in price. However, there may be certain exceptions. Our fixed price guarantee applies not only to our emergency service, but also to all other services. We want to provide you with the best possible information and guarantee that you choose the best service with us.

Our service is ready for you

It is not important what problem your doors have caused, Schlüsseleldoc is always there for you. We will arrive at the latest after 30 minutes in the country road and there we will take care of a quick solution of the problem. Whether it is a broken key, a door that has fallen shut or a misplaced key, we are always on hand and ensure that the door is opened quickly. But don't forget our other services, which are all about security and locks. Simply call us and take advantage of our individual advice!

Take advantage of our advice

If the door is locked, you only want it to open quickly, which is why we keep our telephone consultation as short as possible. The situation is different with our other services. So if you have any questions, the staff at Schlüsseldoc will answer them competently, quickly and understandably. We want to offer you the best possible advice over the phone so that we can get started right away. This has advantages for both you and us. On the one hand, you know exactly what we offer, how we proceed or what we cost. On the other hand, we know all the facts and don't have to spend a lot of time on site with trivialities. Accordingly, we complete our services very quickly.

Schlüsseldoc offers its customers:

✔ Readiness at time, day and night. 365 days a year.
✔ Fastest arrival with you in 1010 Vienna
✔ Honest prices, fair and transparent, no hidden fees
✔ Professional, friendly and cultivated service in every emergency
✔ Expertise for EVERY lock situation
✔ Installation of new locks: beam locks, security locks, locking systems
✔ Non-binding advice on the latest and most modern safety technology available on the market
✔ Key service with express service
✔ Door opening without damage
✔ The 30 minute guarantee

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