Schlüsseldienst Wien 1010: 24/7 key emergency service for you

25 minutes waiting time for a professional locksmith
Door opening without damage: directly at your premises
24/7 key emergency service: also on public holidays
Breaking and entering? Immediate lock change possible!
Locking system defective? We help you day and night!
Key service in 1180 and of course all over Vienna
Our liability insurance protects you
Payment at your premises: Cash or with card

The 1st district of Vienna is also called the Inner City and is a popular destination for tourists. After all, the district is home to the historical core of Vienna. Although the city has existed for a longer time, it was not until 1850 that the first incorporation took place. Due to this reason, there are still many signs of the time to see, as a part of the original city wall that is located alongside the Ringstraße. But today, the district has also developed to a commercial centre, which is why thousands of viennese people are daily on the way to do their shopping here. Thus, it is not surprising that in the 1st district alone, approximately 110.000 people are employed, more than in all other districts of Vienna. But this also holds many dangers, as where there are many people, there are also quite a few people who want to take advantage of this. Pickpockets, cheats and burglars are unfortunately not uncommon, which is why you need to protect yourself properly. The key service Vienna 1010 is the right address, because it offers not only the opening of locks, but also the installation of new locking systems. 

No chance for burglars

Covering an area of 288 hectares, the first urban district has a population of around 19,000, making it the perfect target for burglars looking for quick getaways. All the more important is that you protect yourself properly. The key service Vienna 1010 can help you, because the main problem is usually the door locks. Most people do not think about how easily their own front door can be cracked. It often takes less than two minutes and not even special tools are needed. So if you are out and about and are exploring the inner city with its buildings, churches or monuments that are worth seeing, someone at home might be tampering with your door. This is especially dangerous on holiday, because now burglars have all the time in the world. Therefore, have your door lock checked by a professional who can tell you whether or not it is worth replacing it. Our locksmith service Vienna 1010 is such a contact, because for years we have specialised in high-quality locking systems. We take a look at your front door and other entrance locks on site and then advise you on how to proceed. Of course, our years of experience speak for us.

Locks locked? No problem.

Another service in our large portfolio is the opening of locks. It happens faster than you think, that a door closes or otherwise locks and you can no longer enter your own home. If you are lucky, you are not alone or you have a spare key, if not, you are standing in front of the locked door. Do not try to screw or drill it with your own tools, because you can easily damage your lock permanently. The consequence? You not only have to open the door, but also replace the lock. This is quite expensive. We recommend calling our key service Wien 1010 directly, because we will come by and open your door in no time. We will bring the appropriate tools with us, which are specially made for an opening that is easy on the door. Our aim is to open your door without damaging the lock. In most cases this takes less than five minutes and your door is open again.

In operation around the clock

Unfortunately, you can only control to a limited extent when a locked door occurs. For example, you go to get the mail in the morning and suddenly the door falls into the lock or after work you can't find your key and therefore can't get in. This means that a locked door can also happen at the weekend, on public holidays or in the middle of the night. This is no problem for Schlüsseldoc, because we are also an emergency service. We have no fixed times at which we operate, but we are on duty for you 365 days a year. Even in the deepest night, where other key services make themselves comfortable in their beds. You call us and a competent member of staff will be on his way to you. On site we do not lose any time and make sure that your lock opens as quickly as possible. Certainly we can answer most questions on the phone, so that no time is lost on site.

Your place in 30 minutes

One of the main problems of modern locksmiths is that you have to call and then wait forever for the helper to arrive. This is not very pleasant, especially in winter or at night. We put a stop to this and offer a 30-minute guarantee. This means that after you have called us and spoken to a friendly employee, we will set off directly. After 30 minutes we will be at your place. Should this not be the case and due to unavoidable incidents we arrive later, you will receive a discount of five euros. So it is a win-win situation for you. Either we are there very quickly or you have to pay less, you are always the winner.

Further services for you

The unlocking service as well as the exchange of locks is only a small part of our services. We also take care of burglary protection to protect your family even more from criminals. The burglary protection refers not only to the doors, but also to the windows. Often these are considered to be the favourite access point of burglars, as they have little or no protection. We will advise you without obligation on the latest security technology on the market and show you how we can make your home even more secure. But also the duplication of keys falls under our responsibility. So if you need new keys, just ask us. We can even produce high-quality security keys in just a few minutes. Perfect for distributing the keys in your family. If you would first like to find out more about our service, we recommend you give us a call. We will advise you on the phone and tell you how we can help you. 

Fixed price for our services

Don't worry about the dear money, because we offer all our services on a fixed price basis. This means that even before our employees arrive, we can tell you on the phone how much our service will cost you. In this way you counteract rip-offs or overpriced locksmiths; you only have to pay for what we have agreed upon beforehand. However, there are also some exceptions, such as security doors. Of course we will clarify this with you on site. The same applies to our other services, because we offer all of them at fixed prices. Practical: We can determine the additional costs in advance thanks to our key-doc calculator, so there are no surprises in this respect either.

Don't hesitate any longer.

A fallen door, a broken key, an outdated lock or missing security technology, all reasons for you to contact Schlüsseldoc. We are responsible for the 1st district in Vienna and will reach you after 30 minutes at the latest. On site we will ensure a quick and competent solution to your problem. It is irrelevant when you call on our locksmith service. As an emergency service we are available all year round, 24 hours a day. Already on the phone we can clarify all facts of your case and then give you a fixed price. You have to pay this price on site and thus protect yourself from charlatans who merely want to take advantage of your emergency situation. So don't hesitate any longer and call directly at your key doc in 1010 Vienna!


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