Key service Vienna 1040: There are open doors in Wieden

Wieden is one of the most popular residential areas in Vienna. This is due to the fact that the 4th district is heavily populated and therefore offers a lot of space for living. Even if there are rather few green areas, there are some sightseeings there that do not only attract the Viennese. The Naschmarkt is known beyond the borders of the district and offers all kinds of delicacies. But also the Karlskirche is a destination for many tourists. Residents rather enjoy the Sir-Karl-Popper-School and the Technical University. If you have chosen Wieden in all its splendour and glory, you will feel like about 30,000 other inhabitants on an area of 1.8 square kilometres.

In front of a closed door

Whether you have chosen Wieden because of the university, the various sights or even a job, after a hard day you just want to fall on the couch at home. But now it happens: In your tiredness the key in the lock breaks off and you have no way to get into your house. Not exactly a nice way to end a day, but don't worry. We from the locksmith service Wien 1040 are immediately on the spot and make sure that every door, no matter how stubborn, is opened. We not only have the necessary tools, but also many years of experience. We have been working for years and have already dealt with a wide variety of locks and keys. No lock is foreign to us and we know exactly how to open them. Certainly our aim is not only to open the lock, but also to protect the door. For this reason, we also advise you not to open your door on your own. Too easily you could damage your lock, which in the end will cost you even more money. Besides, it can happen very quickly that you cannot even get your door opened. So let the experts from Schlüsseldoc take care of this, who promise to open your door in a few minutes.

24 hours and 365 days a year

You cannot determine when there will be an incident with your door. For example, in the morning, in the middle of the night, on a cosy holiday or a relaxing weekend. Usually it happens when you can use it the least. Fortunately we are also available for you in such cases. This means that we do not act according to fixed times, but are on duty 24 hours a day. Even weekends or holidays do not count for us. Whenever there is any door problem, you call us. Even if it should be deep in the night, a competent and friendly employee will welcome you at the other end of the line. After a short consultation he will set off directly and your problem will be solved professionally and individually on site. All you have to do in the meantime is wait.

30 minutes - Already with you

A big problem with many service providers is that you have to wait a long time before the service provider even comes to you. Often, they make their way comfortably or even wait and see, in order to write a long journey on the invoice later. This is not the case with us, because we offer a 30-minute guarantee. This means that you do not have to wait longer than 30 minutes in Wieden. Because after your call we will leave immediately and try to get to you as quickly as possible so that you do not have to wait unnecessarily long before your locked door. If for any reason we are unable to reach you within 30 minutes, we will give you a five euro discount as compensation. In this respect you can only win in both cases. Of course, we do not take it for granted that we will not make it in time. Therefore our average waiting time is 24 minutes.

Numerous services on offer

Our portfolio of services is much larger than just opening doors. Certainly this is our main concern, but we can also help you in other areas. At the forefront is the installation of new locks. Outdated locks are a big risk, because in a few seconds a skilled criminal could open the door. If you surprise him in the act, the situation could end badly. That's why we take a look at your locking systems, not only from the front door. All doors that provide access to the house fall under our inspection. This includes for example balcony, garage or terrace doors. These are often forgotten and are therefore an easy target for burglars. We will check the security of your locks and, if necessary, advise you where it is worth replacing them and what offers we have. Of course we also take care of the installation, so that your door is 100 percent secure. But other security technology also falls under our responsibility, such as the security of your windows. The best thing to do is to take advantage of our advice and together we will find out which security technology makes sense for you. Certainly we have even more services on offer, which is why a brief overview follows:

  • Opening of closed doors
  • Installation of new locking systems
  • Security technology for your home
  • Duplicating keys
  • Extensive consultation
  • 24/7 in use

A look at the prices

An important point for many customers are the prices. Although you would like an open door, this does not mean that you want to put a lot of money on the table. But that is exactly what you do with many service providers, because they take advantage of your emergency situation and want to take a lot of money out of your pocket. With us you avoid this, because you don't get our price only after the work is done. Instead, we have opted for the fixed-price model, where you find out in advance what our service costs. Thanks to our surcharge cost calculator, we can calculate exactly what our costs will be. Even if there are any circumstances on site that differ from those previously clarified, the price often does not change. Only a large additional expenditure could increase the price. This applies not only to our emergency service, but also to our other services. This is why a consultation is so important to us, because only then we get an overview of your situation and can determine the price accordingly.

Let us help you

A locked door usually seems insurmountable, but it is not. Under no circumstances should you try to take the problem into your own hands. Maybe you are lucky and open the door armed with a screwdriver, credit card or other tools, but usually at a high price. After all, you can easily damage the lock permanently, so that the lock no longer works properly. In the end, this costs you considerably more money than if you had simply called Schlüsseldoc. We are an emergency key service and can be reached at any time. Do not hesitate to call us at night or on weekends. As an emergency service, we are always there for you and will get you on the road immediately after a short conversation. After 30 minutes at the latest we will arrive at your place, otherwise you will receive a five euro discount. On site we take care of your problem with the most modern tools and the appropriate know-how and you can open and close your door again undisturbed. But also think of our other services, which are mainly concerned with the topic of security. One call is enough and we will advise you how we can help you. So don't wait any longer and call us!

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