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For many centuries, Ottakring, as the 16th municipal district of Vienna is called, has been an integral part of the city. The settlement was first mentioned in the 9th century. However, many people came here early on to enjoy the good life here. But it was not always easy, as the district had to endure some fiery disasters. In 1835, for example, there was a major fire that destroyed over 50 houses. Nevertheless, Ottakring was not to be put down by it, which is why already in 1910 more than 180,000 people were living there, most of them workers. This was due to the numerous industrial companies that settled there. Today, Ottakring is mainly known for its Ottakringer beer, because the brewery is just around the corner. But also the Wilhelminenberg, the Brunnenmarkt or the Neuottakringer church attract visitors. We at the locksmith service Vienna 1160 are of course there for you if you encounter any problems with keys, locks or security.

We are the right key service for you!

You will certainly ask yourself the question whether Schlüsseldoc is really the right locksmith for you. The clear answer is yes, because we have been in use for many years. Since the beginning of the 90s we have been making sure in Vienna that every door, no matter how stubbornly locked, can be opened. We always proceed reliably, quickly and professionally. Of course, our team has expanded considerably over the last few years, which is why a suitable employee is always available for you. Every satisfied customer more makes us happy, which is why we never stop educating ourselves. We therefore keep ourselves up to date with the latest technology in order to offer you the best possible solution on site. Therefore call us and we will ask how we can help you. Whether you have locked doors, outdated locking systems or even new keys. Schlüsseldoc is your partner in every emergency situation concerning locks and keys. 

No simple locksmith

Do not make the mistake of confusing us at Schlüsseldoc with a conventional locksmith. Of course we also offer all the services you would expect from a traditional locksmith, but we have specialised in emergency services for years. After all, we have noticed that most key problems occur at times when those affected no longer receive help. We put a stop to this and offer our service 24/7. We are on duty every day of the week and will come to you after just 30 minutes. But you should not be concerned about the time of day either, because we skilfully ignore that. Even if you call us in the middle of the night, you will immediately have a competent employee on the phone who will enumerate your various options. Therefore our motto is: Do not hesitate to call us, but let us of the key service Wien 1160 help you quickly!

No long waiting time

Unfortunately there are rip-off companies in every sector, especially among the emergency services. They want to take advantage of your emergency situation and thus take a lot of money out of your pocket. One of the most popular tricks is the long way to get there. You call the service provider and he tells you that he is on his way immediately. But he doesn't do that, he arrives an hour later. Why? So he can say that he had a long journey to make, which now costs a lot of money. That's why we've introduced our 30-minute guarantee. It's a security for you that we're not trying to rip you off. We even go so far as to offer you a discount in case we don't make it in the given time. This is rather rare, however, as we are usually on site after about 24 minutes, even in Ottakring. How can we keep our 30-minute promise? By setting off immediately and knowing every short cut in Vienna, no matter how small. So we can be with you in no time at all and solve your problem.

Fixed prices for more security

Many customers are reluctant to hire an emergency service because they fear high costs. This is also not unfounded, because especially fraudsters take advantage of your ignorance to present you with a high bill. Here too, Schlüsseldoc stands out from the crowd and offers you all services on a fixed price basis. Our model is very simple: each service has a fixed price, from door opening to duplication of keys. On top of this there are surcharges for special services, such as use at night or on weekends. But here too, we rely on fixed prices. This means that as soon as you call us and tell us all the facts about your case, we know exactly how much it will cost you in the end. Should there be any changes on site, in most cases these will cost nothing. However, there may be some exceptions. Of course, we will inform you of this in advance. On our later invoice you will then see exactly how our price is made up. Should you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.

Our other services

As Schlüsseldienst Wien 1160, we are in charge of the heavy cases, but we offer even more services. First and foremost it is important to us that you feel safe in your home. Although Ottakring is not exactly known for its many burglaries or criminal offences, this does not mean that it could not happen here. We follow a strategy of deterrence by directly scaring criminals away so that they don't come onto your property in the first place. For this purpose we have various security solutions on offer, which must not be hidden under any circumstances. They should be openly visible so that burglars can see immediately: this property is secured. Just contact us and we can see which security measures are suitable for you.

Above all, Schlüsseldoc recommends high-quality locking systems. These are the first step to a safe home and ensure that the doors cannot simply be broken open within a few seconds. After all, old locks are no great challenge for experienced thieves. We prevent this with the latest technology. We regularly inform ourselves about new products and include them in our range after a thorough check. In this way, you will only receive high-quality, robust and durable locking systems that ensure the security of your family. Certainly we have more products in our range, so you should take advantage of our advice. We will show you how Schlüsseldoc can help you so that you can live in Ottakring without fear of criminals.

Call, advise and use!

As Schlüsseldienst Wien 1160 we are on duty around the clock and the right partner for all your key/lock problems. You can reach our competent staff at any time, who will offer you comprehensive advice even in the middle of the night. We always want to offer you only the best service, so that you benefit from our many years of experience. But also our numerous services speak for us. First and foremost, we offer a 30-minute guarantee, which means that we will be at your site within 30 minutes. No long waiting times or even high travel costs. Additionally we work with fixed prices. Thanks to our surcharge cost calculator, we know exactly what you ultimately have to pay. So you avoid unpleasant surprises and can decide for yourself whether our costs suit you. So don't wait too long to commission us, but let us at the Schlüsseldienst Wien 1160 help you quickly and professionally!

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